Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ep 13 D-House - Freedomcast

On this week's podcast, the Spitz is happy to welcome Sgt. Chuck Farell (United States Army). Here, Chuck gives us unique persepectives on the war in Afghanistan through his wacky adventures as an Army medic. Learn important Army tips such as: how to run from explosions, protect yourself from a zombie outbeak in the Middle East, find a decent vacation resort in Afghanistan, and know which first-person shooters to play to get ready for war.

Get some right here- Cherry Spitz FreedomCast 9/27/09

We've ran into a few unfortunate technical difficulties as of late, but we'll be serving up fresh podcasts into your lobe every Sunday afternoon. We shall beat the machines!

Keep comin' back. New sketches will be up on in the fall season. If you like us, or even better hate us, leave some goddamned comments over there. Every time a comment gets left on FunnyorDie, an angel hits a hard eight in Vegas. Which is great for the angel, cuz he owed that mob boss like 50 large and now they won't tune him up in the parking lot and take his wings.

[please think of the angels]

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Egads! It's archived footage of Erik's old band, The Invisible Plan, playing their angsty brand of instrumental art-noise prog-punk. Look out!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ep 12 - IST - Puff Puff, Jerk Jerk


It's been a scatterbrained couple weeks here at the Spitz but we are always hard at work for you beautiful people. Today we have a hot new podcast for your little ears.

With Lars gone at Burning Man the rest of us Spitzers have been podcasting from Erik's Orange County studio, Ice Station Thundergoat. Positioned directly under a military flight path, the Thundergoat compound is our home away from home. This week's show features Erik "Puff puff, jerk jerk" Wargo, Tim "Man in the streets" Gale, and "Gorgeous" James Stebick, with Rob "Player X" in the booth. Plus, listen closely for the 30 seconds Lars skypes in to talk about Burning Man.

THIS WEEK'S TOPICS: Midget stripclubs, which one of us is gay for Jon Hamm, "baby ghosts", Tim presents "Things I found on the CSUF bathroom walls", Hellboy's lineage, superhero theme parks, and in case you're wondering 'Yakkity Sax" runs until about 25:51. Enjoy!

Ice Station Thundergoat podcast: 9/13/2009

Also there's this- How much do we really know about America's favorite bipolar Fox News personality, Glenn Beck? Recent evidence suggests he may be running from a shady past and we discuss it in this week's podcast. The website we mention, (seriously), can be found here:

Tell us what you think. And keep watching and voting for our videos at Funny or Die. Just search for Cherry Spitz or go to If you make us famous, we'll make YOU famous.


[end transmission]

Monday, September 14, 2009

Death penalty declared "Totally Badass"

What up, Spitz fans.

It's important to keep up on current events and the daily workings of our nation's government. That's why I wanted to post this video, in hopes of generating some intelligent public discussion about modern law. Watch, enjoy, and discuss:

The only thing that bothers me is Chief Justice John Robert's use of the word "hella." I'm okay with absolutely everything else reported in this story.


[I am the Law.]

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ep 11 - IST - Trainwreck

After one failed attempt at recording an episode, The Spitzers, Tim, James & Erik take a 2nd stab, and it ain't pretty.

Also included: THEME SONG + INTRO!

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