Thursday, July 30, 2009

SpitzScene: The War to End All Wars

A bit of violence happened in the group today.

Many fights and battles occurred.

I will not say who lived and who died.

Okay, I will admit that James died. But he kept eating the peanut butter...and you know how that fuckin' goes for a fat man.

Nevertheless, if you can create comedy through tragedy, then Cherry Spitz hath done so.

-Dom Deluise Jr.

Hello Internetz from da Spitz

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Ep 6 - D-House - The Cherry Spitz Forum

Hey folks! Welcome to the new home for the Cherry Spitz. Kicking off this momentous event, we have a kickass podcast coming your way. Just make sure you don't get it in your eye.

Today's casters are: Lars Hansen, Tim Gale, Ify Nwadiwe, James Stebick and special guests: Kjel Hansen, Miles Arnold, and Matt Apodaca on Skype.

Listen to us rant and rave about sci-fi, pop culture items, Miles' visit to the Playboy Mansion, and how racism can be funny.

Get your sweet podcast action right here- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 7/30/09

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