Monday, August 31, 2009

Job Interview

Howdy Spitz fans.

It sure is rough out there nowadays, what with the economy all in flames and whatnot. Inflation, bailouts, unemployment, hordes of marauders waging war over gasoline. It's gotten so bad that we, Cherry Spitz, have all had to go out seek employment outside of the crazy lucrative world of semi-underground comedy troupes. And as it turns out the only place hiring right now is a company run by a guy that Tim thinks looks like Eric Bana. Time to put on our fanciest "goin out" clothes and get your imaginary resume ready. We need work.

How'd we do??? You tell us! Please to enjoy...

"Job Interview"
Featuring: Lars Hansen, Tim Gale, Blaire Byhower, Erik Wargo, James Stebick, Matt Linzmeier, and special guest appearance by Yoda.
Edited by: Tim Gale

If nothing else, I'd really like "Johnny Dickbag" to become the hot new insult of 2010.


[They ended up hiring Yoda.]

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ep XX - D-House - Doublecast - *BONUSCAST*

Free bird!

Hey kiddies,

Lars is off blowing his brain up for the next few weeks in the Nevada desert, so it's Tim dropping the bonus 'cast on you this eve. Two podcasts in one week you say?! Por que?! Because we like you - you surly, inebriated audience.

The usual suspects in the cast: James "Jimmy Mac" Stebick, Tim "The Captain" Gale, Lars "Swedish" Hansen and very special guest, "the Dacs", Matt Apodaca.

In the words of Ben Stiller, playing Tom Cruise's stunt double, Tom Crooze, on the set of Mission Impossible 2: "This mission, it just got a hell of a lot more impossibler."

Bustin' makes us feel good! --------------> The Spitz Cast

Muppet Cover-Up

Here's the Muppet footage that was mentioned in the Spitzcast. Though not quite as funny as I remembered it, it's still pretty damn sweet. And James was right - Rogen does play Rolf. Bill Heder plays an awesome Animal too.

-Timmy G

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ep 10 - IST - Welcome To Ice Station Thundergoat

What's up guys??

Erik here! I'm proud to bring you another episode of The Cherry Spitz Podcast, this time from Ice Station Thundergoat (my place) with some audio aid from the infinitely wise Player X. No more will you hear the blistering pops of Bs and Ps within our whimsical rants.

In this episode: James' recent name change, Tim's lust for women with personality, Lars' fascination with Entertaiment Weekly and my crappy A/C unit.

Enough with the boasting. Here's the goods: BAM!

School has just started for most of us, so now that we've got the PSA and cereal sketches out of the way, we're in a bit of a down shifting mode right now. But rest assured, we are plotting.

Enough about us. How are you?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eat your Eaties!

At long last our first run of zombie commercials are ready for your viewing pleasure. It is my esteemed privilege to present to you, "Eat your Eaties" 1-3. Let us know what you think.


Eat your Eaties 1
Featuring: Tim Gale

Eat your Eaties 2
Featuring: Blaire Byhower, Tim Gale, and James Stebick

Eat your Eaties 3
Featuring: Lars Hansen, James Stebick, Clint Marshall, Courtney Ewell, Sarah Bee, and Erik Wargo

[100% whole braaaains]

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just say no kids....

Hey kids. Always remember that we here at the Spitz care about what's most important- the children. Please think of the children. Please to enjoy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ep 9 - D-House - Rich, Cultural Heritage

On a very special Cherry Spitz Podcast, the three most senior, active members reminisce about the good old days of Cherry Spitz Improv.

Today, Lars, Tim and James discuss local improv groups that we've encountered in our travels as improvisers in the LA and OC area. We also delve into our rich, cultural heritage that is the all-encompassing Spitz. This is the podcast to get to know your Spitzer better. Learn and be astonished at our origins!

Get yours now- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 8/19/09

Like us? Hate us? Love us and then hate us, but then make up with us by holding a large radio over your head and blasting it at us to our second story window? We wanna know. Send us your comments. Go to our iTunes page and start some shit. We'll be glad you did.

Stay tuned for new sketches up this weekend! [God willing!]

Friday, August 14, 2009

Get off my phone, vampires!!!!

Watch the videos and it all will make sense.

And this last one is pretty fucking funky in it's own right:

You little pinhead!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Ballad of G.I Joe

Hey y'all,

I just wanted to post the video we talked about on the new podcast, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet. Here is Cha-Ching Pictures' "Ballad of G.I. Joe," complete with the all-star cast list. From what I understand, this video is a thousand times better than the actual G.I. Joe movie.


Laz Alonso as Doc
Alexis Bledel as Lady Jaye
Billy Crudup as Zartan
Zach Galifiankais as Snow Job
Tony Hale as Dr. Mindbender
Vinnie Jones as Destro
Joey Kern as Tomax
Joey Kern as Xamot
Chuck Liddell as Gung Ho
Julianne Moore as Scarlett
Henry Rollins as Duke
Alan Tudyk as Shipwreck
Olivia Wilde as The Baroness
Sgt. Slaughter as Himself

[Buster Bluth is Dr. Mindbender? Awesome!]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ep 8 - D-House - Music, Movies & Bears

Whew! We're in the dog days of summer now, so time to turn the Cherry Spitz all up in this bitch!

Hear what the gang has been buzzing about since last week. Topics include- people not being able to stop dancing, cool people running everything, and GI Joe.

Get your latest installment of sweet Cherry extract right here- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 8/12/09

Remember to check back here soon for some new sketches and other announcements about the Spitz's Fall season.

Missed an episode? You can click on "index" on the main page on the left and find all of our casts or go on iTunes and type "Cherry Spitz Podcast" in the search field. Leave us a comment while you're there. It's like my grandfather always told me, "Every time you leave a comment on the Cherry Spitz iTunes, an angel gets laid."

[please think of the angels]

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ep 7 - D-House - A Girl? *BLAIRE'S FIRST SHOW*

We got a fresh, steaming, pile of pod for you! We cover a whole bunch of goodies in this one and this marks the first appearance of our g-g-g-guh-guh-GIRL member of the Spitz- Blaire Byhower. In addition we got our regular casters: Lars Hansen, Tim Gale, James Stebick, Erik Wargo, and Ify Nwadiwe.

Get your cast on right here- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 8/06/09

Rather than tell you what topics we cover, I'm just going to post a bunch of supplemental materials right here in the post. Check 'em out and you'll know a little more about why we're stock raving mad for covering this shit.

FYI: Look for an entire BONUS podcast in the next couple of days just to cover this damn infomercial.

Watch and discuss. I'm banking this is fake which means this kid has more commitment to the comedic craft than us and that makes me wanna throttle him. I'd at least buy the remote control dinner first....

Click HERE to get your dramatic zombie action on.

Hit up our other sister site and find out what's happening in the adventures of Ify.

This man is a personal hero some us here at the Spitz. Tonight he rap battles his way through Indiana at the mutherfucking Gathering of the Juggalos. Give 'em hell chris.

If you like us, tell us what you think. We have a new sketch out this week too, so come back and stay awhile. I won't feel ya up or nothin'.

Also, if you could, give us some more comments on our itunes. Search for "Cherry Spitz Podcast" in the music store. That be gosh darn swell.

Anyhoo, stay tuned. Have a sweet ass weekend my ninjas.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our next big sketch: Han Solo P.I.

Hey guys. I just wanted to announce our next big sketch project. Cherry Spitz is going to be producing 22 full-length episodes of THIS:

Tuesdays on Ion.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh yeah, and then there's this...

Rumlings of a comedy fued

Beginning of story: Will Ferrell made this Hi-larious video on

Then, of course, we provided this response:

We actually uncovered a new e-mail:

RonBurgundyWasAGoldenGod: Will, our comedy group has been a fan of yours since you were trapped in a "glass case of emotion". Then we all bought tickets for Land of the Lost. That movie was so bad we built a giant penis-sized rocket ship and plan to fly it straight into your butthole at an upcoming premiere of yours. P.S. Stop sucking dick."

Wow, pretty harsh, and we wrote it.

Oh, hey, we have a vi-joe:

Your move, Ferrell!
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