Monday, April 26, 2010

Ep. 2.11- Catbus Show Part 2

Hot damn! It's time now for the second half of our epically lazy Sunday broadcast from last week. It's a good one for sure. There are ninjas AND vikings involved in this one and all hell breaks loose over: Disney princesses, Black Rob's apparent lack of posing good arguments, and a masterful George Takei chorus.

Get all your warm fuzzies right here- Ep. 2.11 Cat Bus Show Part 2

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ep. 2.10- Catbus Headquaters Special Part 1

From the mysterious, hidden location of the inscrutable Catbus Entertainment Headquarters the Cherry Spitz give you a special podcast for your amusement and astonishment. Listen to James, Lars, DJ Poptart, Erik, and Tony discuss the importance of Life itself. The gang also plugs their upcoming shows this week and what dangers may very well face them. Speaking of danger, Erik and James put themselves through the gastro-intenstinal gauntlet of Southern horror only known as the KFC Double Down. Listen as Erik and James begin to mentally deteriorate as this doom-sandwich clogs their arteries.

Get yours right here- Ep. 2.10- Catbus Headquarters Show Part 1

To give our listeners a real fighting chance at our Pizza Party Challenge mentioned on the show, we recorded this podcast on Sunday, April 18th while watching the Discovery Life marathon on Discovery Channel. First one to reply here or via email at with the correct time of when the sea snakes are having sex, then you win a free pizza party from us at the Cherry Spitz. Confused, yet allured by that last sentence? We thought so. You outta listen to find out more.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Shows!

Once again back it's the incredible...

That's right, true believers, Cherry Spitz has two shows coming up at the end of this month. And here's where you come in: We want YOU to come see us. Intrigued? You better be.

First up, we will be appearing at UCI [University of California, Irvine for all of our out-of-state fans who plan on coming] on Thursday April 21st. This will be the second time Cherry Spitz has performed for the fine youngsters at the UCI dorms and we are looking forward to putting on another fantastic show. Come on down to the Campus Village Housing Community Center and see us do our comedy thing in the Atlantis Lounge, which is honestly one of the coolest sounding places we've ever booked. Cherry Spitz presents Dorm Show 2!

Also there's this...

Cherry Spitz is back once again at our new home the Found Theater in Long Beach. On Saturday April 24th we will take the stage to do a little improv and sketch comedy for the good people of the LBC. We will be going on at 10:30pm after the Found's "Medijuana Show," a telethon style variety show examining the current medical marijuana craze. Discount tickets for our show are available for people going to both shows. Medijuana and Cherry Spitz: Two great tastes that taste great together.

So there you have it, two chances to see your favorite comedy group live. And just in case that wasn't enough to seal the proverbial deal, here's a video of me getting eaten by a blanket.


[Ask Erik about the full video]

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ep. 2.09 - Thundergoat Doublecast: Part 2

Things come to a head in part 2 of this epic crossover event as The Harbinger’s Dude Von Doom finally drinks himself under the table, dragging Tony, James and Erik along with him. Try and spot the point where he officially blacks out. In this episode The Dude reveals his true identity, Erik reveals he’s actually a grammar nazi, James reveals his love for cats and Tony reveals who is in the running for the Green Lantern movie...IN HIS MIND!

Music Buffers
Paranoid by 8-Bit Black Sabbath
Spider-Man by The Ramones
Kitty by Presidents of The United States of America
Fresh by Devo

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Harbinger #501 - Thundergoat Doublecast - Part 1

What in blue blazes?!

The Dude Von Doom of The Harbinger storms the gates of Thundergoat Studios for an epic crossover event spanning two podcast feeds, a dozen beers and fifteen longboxes worth of comic books.

Tony, James and Erik are here to guide regular Cherry Spitzers through this brave new world of The Harbinger, a comic book show hosted by Dude Von Doom and Erik Wargo (aka Baron Larceny) The show is regularly broadcast live on Titan Radio every Wednesday from 5pm - 6pm.

In part one of the crossover, the gang discusses the Devourer of Wrestling, the Gospel according to Rob Liefeld, the Family Gregory, and unleash a Chris Evans flamewar!

Be sure to add The Harbinger to your iTunes podcast feed by clicking HERE!
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