Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ep 12 - IST - Puff Puff, Jerk Jerk


It's been a scatterbrained couple weeks here at the Spitz but we are always hard at work for you beautiful people. Today we have a hot new podcast for your little ears.

With Lars gone at Burning Man the rest of us Spitzers have been podcasting from Erik's Orange County studio, Ice Station Thundergoat. Positioned directly under a military flight path, the Thundergoat compound is our home away from home. This week's show features Erik "Puff puff, jerk jerk" Wargo, Tim "Man in the streets" Gale, and "Gorgeous" James Stebick, with Rob "Player X" in the booth. Plus, listen closely for the 30 seconds Lars skypes in to talk about Burning Man.

THIS WEEK'S TOPICS: Midget stripclubs, which one of us is gay for Jon Hamm, "baby ghosts", Tim presents "Things I found on the CSUF bathroom walls", Hellboy's lineage, superhero theme parks, and in case you're wondering 'Yakkity Sax" runs until about 25:51. Enjoy!

Ice Station Thundergoat podcast: 9/13/2009

Also there's this- How much do we really know about America's favorite bipolar Fox News personality, Glenn Beck? Recent evidence suggests he may be running from a shady past and we discuss it in this week's podcast. The website we mention, (seriously), can be found here:

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[end transmission]

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