Monday, April 19, 2010

Ep. 2.10- Catbus Headquaters Special Part 1

From the mysterious, hidden location of the inscrutable Catbus Entertainment Headquarters the Cherry Spitz give you a special podcast for your amusement and astonishment. Listen to James, Lars, DJ Poptart, Erik, and Tony discuss the importance of Life itself. The gang also plugs their upcoming shows this week and what dangers may very well face them. Speaking of danger, Erik and James put themselves through the gastro-intenstinal gauntlet of Southern horror only known as the KFC Double Down. Listen as Erik and James begin to mentally deteriorate as this doom-sandwich clogs their arteries.

Get yours right here- Ep. 2.10- Catbus Headquarters Show Part 1

To give our listeners a real fighting chance at our Pizza Party Challenge mentioned on the show, we recorded this podcast on Sunday, April 18th while watching the Discovery Life marathon on Discovery Channel. First one to reply here or via email at with the correct time of when the sea snakes are having sex, then you win a free pizza party from us at the Cherry Spitz. Confused, yet allured by that last sentence? We thought so. You outta listen to find out more.

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