Monday, July 26, 2010

Ep. 3.03- Clubber Dang!

Yeaaaaaah boi! Dropping this fresh podcast a little bit earlier in the week cause I know ya gotta jam. Dig it!

Why am I typing like a bad strip club DJ? Because in this podcast, Ify takes us through some of his misadventures in the LA club scene. In this installment, James, Tony, Matt, Ify and myself get together to talk pod after a long improv practice at the D House. After we cover Ify's club stories with a reluctant Matt and a spastic Jeff, the podcast degenerates into our usual rantings over crappy summer movies, non-masculine leading men, and the odd natures of McDonald's characters.

Check it yo! You gotta get this funky fresh set right here- Ep. 3.03- Clubber Dang!



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