Monday, September 27, 2010

Ep. 3.04 - Blorange! (Part 1)

Who's ready for a piping hot bowl of awesome?

Not only do we have a new podcast for you, but it's part 1 of a massive two-part rockstravaganza. Join Lars, Erik, and James (aka the guy typing this) as we create "Blorange," the greatest invention ever. What the hell is Blorange? You'll have to tune in to find out! Fans of Lars and bleeps will be very happy with this episode.

Since we haven't podcast in two months we have a lot of ground to cover. Lars regales us with stories of his recent travels: Fighting 'round the world, rescuing Canada, and getting engaged at Burning Man. Erik sheds some light on some of the twisted shit he was forced to do in Boy Scouts. Plus Black Rob stops by and tells us about a record-setting suicide he concocted recently. What could that mean? Check out Part 1 of Blorange:

And how exactly did Lars trick his girl Kelly into agreeing to marry him? With Erik and my help, of course! Check out this video we all put together as part of Lars' grand proposal scheme. It's romantic AND a cautionary tale. Enjoy.

You're probably saying to yourself "Wow! These guys are awesome! Where can I see them perform live?" Well good news!

Saturday October 2nd, Long Beach: Come see Cherry Spitz stars Blaire Byhower and James Stebick at the All American Melodrama Theater in Long Beach as they join Laughing Stock Development for their Special Guest Show! Blaire and myself will be doing improv along with LSD (friends of the Spitz!) and several other distinguished guests. Show starts at 10pm and the theater is located in Long Beach's lovely Shoreline Village. It's gonna be great. Check out Laughing Stock Development at their website.

Thursday October 7th, Santa Monica: Cherry Spitz will be opening for Orange County's own Knights of Comedy at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica. The Knights have been doing comedy for (almost) as long as the Spitz and we are excited to be getting a chance to do our thing in their theater. Check out the Westside Comedy Theater here. Come see Cherry Spitz performing with the Knights of Comedy in Santa Monica at 8pm.

Thursday October 14th, Long Beach: Once again back it's the incredible Cherry Spitz at The Art Theatre in Long Beach! We are all stoked to be returning to our amazing new homebase, The Art. On Thursday October 14th we will be presenting "Improv on Cherry Street," a Halloween based show to celebrate this awesome time of year. Those of you who were at our last show at the Art know how awesome Cherry Spitz can be live and in full effect. And we promise this show will be even better than the last one! So come on down to the Art Theatre of Long Beach at 9pm to see the best damn live comedy you will find anywhere. Yeah I said it.

Well I'm spent. Come back later this week and we will have part 2 of "Blorange!" all ready for you. In that episode we reveal a super cool contest for all of you beautiful people coming to the show on Oct 14th. Spoiler Alert: You totally want to win this contest. Until then, y'all stay classy.


["Clowns are just transvestites who don't stop."- Patton Oswalt]

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