Monday, October 5, 2009

Ep 14 - D-House - Boys Eerily Watching Girls Drawing Girls

Holy smokes folks! It's another sweet podcast from your Spitzers with another sweet lady (as a guest this time). Today, Lars, James, and Tim chat up pin-up artist and co-founder of, Anne Walker. We also have Chuck back as our "on-site" medical aid. Listen as the lovely Anne talks about sexy ladies not only as art, but in art as well. Hot chicks and their sexy cartoons- what's not to like? We also pick Anne's brain on all the crazy guy stuff that plagues the Spitz on a daily basis such as: gypsies, furries, James Brolin, Looney Tunes, vampire romance, and James' beard.

Get your 36-24-26-eriffic podcast right here- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 10/04/05- With Anne Walker

And go check out the GirlsDrawinGirls next big, big, gallery opening in Burbank on 10/17/09!!!

Stay close to that internet, dear listener, for more fun guests and improv/sketch adsurdity. Nine out of ten experts agree that a dose of weekly Spitz can prevent Swine Flu so take that ya piggos.

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