Saturday, October 10, 2009


What's up, amigos.

New podcast is go! This week Erik, Ify, and myself rally at Ice Station Thundergoat (Egon's studio) to review the big Long Beach Comic Convention. Also joining us at the ol' ice station are friends of the Spitz Josh Easely and B-Rob, with Player X on the board as always.

Listen and marvel as we run down our epic day at LB Comic-Con. We saw Stan Lee, met wrestlers, saw Seth Green, and even got photographed by fans [It happened! No one can dispute me on that!]. Plus Egon is challenged to nerd combat and Ify destroys the watercloset! All that, plus music on the new Cherry Spitz podcast! Come and get your nerd fix.

CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST Ice Station Thundergoat: LB Comic-Con Special

OR if you're so inclined...

Cherry Spitz podcasts available for free download on itunes. Feel free to write us a review.


Cherry Spitz podcasts on Zune(whatever that is)

Special thanks to Creepy Carly, who sketched the three of us at the Mediocre Militia table. She was dressed as Dr. Girlfriend, which is goes-without-saying awesome. And for the record, I never said what she quoted me as saying. Erik did have a snail on him though. Thanks again Carly. Everyone can check out Mediocre Militia at


[We were drinking PBR]

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