Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sloppy Seconds!

[Kevin Stevenson, Blaire Byhower, Erik Wargo, Tim Gale, Kat Shea, Lars Hansen, James Stebick, and Ifechukwude "Ify" Nwadiwe]

Last weekend the first Orange County Improv Cup was held in Fullerton, and Cherry Spitz showed why we are the greatest comedy group of all time. Countless improv matches were held over the two-day event, and in the end over 1400 dollars was raised for the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps. We at Cherry Spitz wanted to thank Josh Nicols and the amazing people at The Lobby Improv and STAGES Theatre for organizing such an epic event. There are hundreds of pictures of the whole two-day tournament posted at the Orange County Improv Cup Facebook page.

Night 1 saw all 16 teams performing before a panel of guest judges from the ACME Comedy Theatre. These judges would be scoring all 64 players based on creativity, teamwork, and the quality of their scenes. The brackets for Night 2 would be determined by how these judges ranked the top 10 teams.

At the end of the night the Broken Seals (sorry Egon!), the Tasty Cocks (still the best team name), the Chocolate Reindeer, the Berlin Wallabies, the Limber Kittens, and the Robo-Raptors were eliminated. The top 10 teams were then seeded based on their rankings by the ACME judges. Here's how that shook out. (Click to enlarge)

Here's how the rest of the tournament went:

The FOUNDING FLOUNDERS (Blaire's team!) defeated the ADJECTIVE ANIMALS to advance to the Elite Eight.

The GASSY COWS defeated the SPARK PUGS to advance to the Elite Eight.


The DAPPER DINGOES defeated the POWERFUL PONIES (Ify and Jeff's team!) to advance to the semifinals.

The SLOPPY BLOWFISH (James and Lars' team!) defeated the FOUNDING FLOUNDERS (sorry Blaire!) to advance to the semifinals.

The OPULENT OCTOPI (Kat, Tim, and Kevin's team!) defeated the GASSY COWS to advance to the semifinals.

The RAINBOW UNICORNS defeated the DEVOLVING APES to advance to the semifinals.

The Final 4 teams


The SLOPPY BLOWFISH defeated the DAPPER DINGOES to advance into the Finals!

The RAINBOW UNICORNS defeated the OPULENT OCTOPI to advance into the Finals.

+The Final Showdown+

In what could easily be the upset of the century the RAINBOW UNICORNS defeated SLOPPY BLOWFISH in the final round of the Orange County Improv Cup. That's right, Apollo Creed beat Rocky.

The Daily Titan (Cal State Fullerton news) did a peace on the Cup, and even got footage of the final results being announced. Check it out.

[it's quick, but you can totally see how crushed me and Lars are at 1:21]

When all was said and done Cherry Spitz teams placed 6th, 5th, 3rd, and 2nd in the Improv Cup. Yes, it would have been nice to bring home the gold but alas that was not our fate this year. The Rainbow Unicorns (Tony Rey, Jill Tsai, Kristen Sanchez, and Staci Pratt, and yes we actually lost to a team called the "Rainbow Unicorns") were a great team and they played some really good improv. We at Cherry Spitz are glad they are the champions no matter how much it physically pains me to even type these sentences. Real blinding pain. Seriously though, great work you guys. We at the Spitz are looking forward to seeing more of you.

The OC Improv Cup was such a success that next year's event has already been booked. That's right, Spitz fans! We will see you back in Fullerton at STAGES Theatre on November 11th-12th 2010 for the Second Annual Orange County Improv Cup! And we all remember what happens in Rocky 2, right?


[Training for next year's Cup has already begun]

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