Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lost Podcast: 80's Movies! (Season 1, Episode 2)

Let’s take a little journey back to 2009…

Where a ragtag band of comedy hotshots are trying their hand at podcasting...

STARRING: James Stebick, Erik Wargo, Lars Hansen, Tim Gale

What’s up, amigos. James here and we at Cherry Spitz have a treat for you today.

We have unearthed a podcast from our fledgling first season of shows for your listening pleasure. “But website, since you’re a website, can’t I just go back and look up season one of the Cherry Spitz podcast myself?” The answer would be “No, foolish human!” As it turns out, our first season of podcasts are on a feed that we no longer control. There was a fight with Tron, some lightcycles got blown up, it was a big mess – but the point is this: We will be bringing you classic episodes from Season 1 of the Cherry Spitz Podcast you love so much.

On this week’s classic episode, “80′s Movies,” your Spitz heroes (James, Erik, Lars and alumni Tim) take a look at some disturbing movies from the 1980s that were passed of as “children’s films.” Maybe we discuss some of your childhood favorites! Plus we discuss a forgotten classic by John Murray (not to be confused with his slightly more famous actor brother, Brain Doyle-Murray) and we drink some candy booze! Come get a taste of classic podcast goodness.

80's Movies (Lost Season 1 Episode)

FLASH FACT: This epsiode features the first appearance of what would eventually become our famous sign-off line.

Don’t forget to come see us as we make our long-awaited return to STAGES Theatre in Fullerton this Saturday, February 12th! We will be taking the stage at midnight after the Fly Space show. Tickets are only five dollars, and FREE if you come to the Fly Space show beforehand (which is also 5 bucks). Plus the theater is BYOB so bring a drink and come see your favorite comedy group in action!

See you this Saturday, amigos. Until then, y’all stay classy.


[I'm sorry I sound like death on this podcast.]

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