Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ep 19 - IST - The Return of Tony

Hey y'all. We've got a new podcast fresh from Ice Station Thundergoat ready for you to stuff directly into your head holes.

IST Podcast 11/14/2009: "The Return of Tony"

The big news this week is TONY! That's right, long-lost Spitz member Anthony Najera returns to the team this week to get in on his first Cherry Spitz podcast. He joins Erik, Lars, and myself along with friend of the group, Black Rob, for our normal podcast madness. This week we break down the acting resume of Sir Keanu Reeves, and the numbers are certainly surprising. Is Keanu America's greatest actor? Or is his gift simply his ability to make good career decisions? Also, we get back into the eternal battle of "CAKE vs. PIE," with screaming results (everyone basically gangs up on yours truly). And for the record, the pie gets destroyed between 41:00 and 51:50. So it took approximately 10 minutes 50 seconds for the pie to be completely demolished.

We also get back on to the topic of Ridley Scott's rumored Monopoly project. I'm not quite sure what I think I'm talking about in the podcast, but the actual article I'm referring to can be found here:

Music this week is from Billy Gibbons (of ZZ Top fame), Dropkick Murphys, and Marshall Crenshaw. Enjoy.

"The best cake is a Twinkie!" - B-Rob


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