Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ep 21 - D-House - People Call In

Hey folks! Since the last podcast took an epic two episodes to complete, we now present to you a brand new podcast from last week.

As Tony, James, Tim and myself discuss our usual Spitzy musings, some callers mysterious find their way onto our show which is odd because we don't have a phone in the studio.

Get your cast on right here- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 11/21/09

Here are some of the related articles to what we covered on this show-

The Beatles Never Broke Up!
You can find *cue dramatic music* the Beatles music from a parallel dimension at this website.

The Worst Reviewed Movies of this decade. It's a pretty solid list of awful and we weigh in on all of them.

Hope all your Turkey Day celebrations were full of sweet, delicious, magic and probably turkey. We'll have another exciting episode coming at you like a banana cream pie thrown by a homicidal clown this Wednesday.

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