Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ep 20.1 - IST - *EPISODE 20* - Part 1

Hey there, true believers.

Fantastic news! We at the Spitz have reached our 20th podcast! Huzzah! Bang a gong! Why not celebrate by listening to it:

IST Podcast 11/15/2009 - "Episode 20: Part 1"

This week's show features Erik Wargo, Tim Gale, Tony Najera, and yours truly as well as Tyler Masterson, B-Rob, and the various dogs running around Ice Station Thundergoat. We reflect upon the podcast we did the day before and Lars' laser-tag birthday party that followed. Also we take the "Keanu formula" we discovered last week and apply it to the career of Mister Kevin Costner. What do we discover? You'll have to listen to find out. PLUS a funny story about Rob getting beat up by a little girl and a surprise cliffhanger ending you will never see coming.

Personally, I think this week's show has some of the best music we've ever used. Bumper music by Vanilla Ice, Kid 'n Play, and Dolly Parton with Burt Reynolds. Enjoy.


Happy Birthday, Uncle Mustache.

(Photo taken at Lars's birthday party at Laser Quest)

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