Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ep 23 - D-House - Bonafide Audio

Hey folks. Sorry about this later than usual podcast, but we here at the Spitz have been up to our necks kicking ass and taking names. Also, we're in pre-production on a project with these gentlemen pictured below.

I kniow what you're thinking and no, we didn't just go get two more carnies to help in our operations. This is Lucca Cutrono and Miles Arnold of Bonafide Audio. Think Tenacious D, but with hip-hop.

Here's a taste of some of their rhymes- Bonafide Audio- Thirty

Look for a new music video featuring the talents of the Spitz coming in 2010 ya'll. On this podcast, James and myself talk hip-hop, haters, Harry and the Hendersons and hot crazy asain chicks like this one-

Get your front-flip dunk from half court podcast dunked into your face right here- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 12/10/09- BONAFIDE AUDIO

Stay classy out there!


[this fucking guy over here....]


  1. Apologies. The link to the track Thirty is down right now. It should be up this afternoon/evening. If you're reading this in the afternoon/evening, then there's nothing to see here, move along....

  2. Here are the other videos we talk about in the show...

    Mick Foley on The Daily Show:

    And the now infamous "Keep fucking that chicken" video:


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