Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ep 24 - D-House - Merry Krampus

Just in time for the holidays and the end of this sorry, sad decade comes our final podcast of the year! Wondering what is the horrible freakbeast pictured above? No, it's not Tim after one of his benders, although the comparison is uncanny. This is the Krampus and in this week's podcast, the Spitz discuss bringing back this somewhat forgotten holiday icon. Here are a few other pictures for reference:

The lady (that's right, it's a lady) underneath the Krampus make-up in the photograph is a friend of mine taken from the recent SantaCon flash mob event that took place in LA a couple weekends ago.

The spirit of the holidays is quickly crushed in our usual improvisational meanderings as Tim, Tony, James and myself devolve into such topics as: which cryptid would you want to fight in single combat, the use of the Magical Negro in American cinema (which Tim denies the existence of), and the incorrect plural usage of the word "octopus".

In more holiday related topics, Tony runs down at list of "Christmas movies". You'll just have to listen to find out. Also, Tim goes over Yahoo's top ten searches of 2009. Sadly, "hot lincoln walnuts" did not make the list.

Get your holiday cheer, Spitz-style, right here- CHERRY SPITZ HOLIDAYCAST 2009

Have a fun holiday season and a happy New Year. See you in a drunk tank near you soon!


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