Friday, December 10, 2010

Ep 3.08 - EPISODE 50!

"This is by far the sexiest podcast we have ever done." - James Stebick

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the internet event over a year-and-a-half in the making. This is the 50th Cherry Spitz Podcast. That's right, 50 episodes! And you better believe we're just getting started...

The Cherry Spitz Podcast: The 50th Episode

{NOTE: There's an audio fuck-up between 7:18-9:25. It's a chiptune issue that we just can't clean up. Sorry guys. Fortunately it's just for 2 minutes. Just tell yourself we meant it to sound like that.}

For this monumental occasion we welcome two esteemed colleagues and friends as our guests: Josh Nicols and Alex Herrera from the Lobby Improv! The Lobby has been a friend of the Spitz for a long time and you can find more about Josh and Alex at The Lobby website. The boys join Spitz legends Lars, James, Tony, Erik, and Ify in some of the funniest stuff you will ever pour in your ear.

"I would rather have a kid than wear a condom." - Josh Nicols

THIS WEEK'S TOPICS: The horror/miracle of childbirth, imaginary dictators, Rule 34, classic beat'em up videogames, fun albums to put in Teddy Ruxpin, and why do the Flinstones celebrate Christmas? All that PLUS Ify has a "Coon Story", Lars explains old-timey currency, Tony has jungle fever, and Erik reads from the Twitter page of a modern poet. This is one killer episode.

We also talk briefly about "One Night in Bangkok," which is one of the most epic songs of all time. If you have never seen nor heard the raw power that is "One Night in Bangkok" then your life has not truly begun until NOW:

"Two things I know about the Irish: They don't like drinking, and they don't like fighting." - Alex Herrera

And since we're seven dudes talking, we inevitably get to the topics of Rocky and sex. We talk a lot of sex on this weeks episode. Where's the best place YOU'VE ever gotten down? We go around the room and share our answers.

"I did not understand anything you just said." - Anthony Najera

Do you wish you could follow Cherry Spitz' own Ifechukwude Ijeoma Nwadiwe on Twitter? Well good news! You can find him at And good luck to you with that. Soon enough you'll be reading such brilliance as "Driving while masturbating should be a sport, because I'm playing it now and winning."

We at Cherry Spitz would like to thank all of you wonderful people for your support. We have had a lot of kicks (both above and below the waistline, sunshine!) making these first 50 podcasts. We've learned a lot. Thank you all for playing along with us. Things are only getting bigger and better from here. Stay tuned amigos. Here's to 50 more.


[Seriously, what deal with pterodactyl?]

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