Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ep. 3.09 - James Really Phones It In

Happy Holidays, guys!

As the year comes to a close, Cherry Spitz is back, once again, with another episode for your audio funnels. And this time, The Harbinger's The Dude Von Doom soberly traverses the rainbow bridge and returns to our shores.

Join Erik, a freshly tattoo'd Kat and by way of Skype, James, as we dive into what ruled and sucked about Tron: Legacy.

Also, Black Rob swings by the studio to test our psyches. How much do you love your dog? Your legs? Your areolas? Find out when you enter a world where B-Rob is all powerful!

If that weren't enough, we call out DJ AM for the dead hack that he is!

Episode 3.8 - James Really Phones It In

For more in depth discussion on all things Tron, please check out fellow Thundergoat Studios podcast: The Harbinger! Specifically, the episode posted below.

The Harbinger #615 - Tron: Delineation and Televisions

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