Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ep. 3.10 - Aquachicken

Cherry Spitz wishes you a Happy Hangover Day on this joyous 1-1-11! And to nurse those dogs barking in your head, how about listening to us yapping and howling about all the nonsense 2010 brought us.

In the aftermath of Christmas carnage, the gang gets together to lick their egg-nog induced wounds. In this installment we hear from Kat, Matt, James, myself, and special guest brother Kjel from some damn bay area hippy town up north.

Here's a picture of him in his Sunday best.

Kjel recounts exciting stories from up north featuring his work in semi-urban amateur taxidermy and trap setting. Yes, folks, we're going deep into the psyche of a dangerously unstable individual. Also, James introduces a new bit based on everyone's favorite Star Wars about libs what are mad. Sorry, it hard to type- there's an owl in my brain and it won't stop hooting.

Get your sobering sound experience right here- Ep. 3.09- Aquachicken

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Wunnaweeks- featuring work from Adam Fischer and Danny Ricker of Comedysportz Los Angeles.

Red Letter Media-

Have a prosperous New Year, dear listener. We look forward to entertaining the hell out of you in 2011.

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