Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ep 9 - D-House - Rich, Cultural Heritage

On a very special Cherry Spitz Podcast, the three most senior, active members reminisce about the good old days of Cherry Spitz Improv.

Today, Lars, Tim and James discuss local improv groups that we've encountered in our travels as improvisers in the LA and OC area. We also delve into our rich, cultural heritage that is the all-encompassing Spitz. This is the podcast to get to know your Spitzer better. Learn and be astonished at our origins!

Get yours now- CHERRY SPITZ PODCAST 8/19/09

Like us? Hate us? Love us and then hate us, but then make up with us by holding a large radio over your head and blasting it at us to our second story window? We wanna know. Send us your comments. Go to our iTunes page and start some shit. We'll be glad you did.

Stay tuned for new sketches up this weekend! [God willing!]


  1. DO IT! Mr. Goodbar; just do it

  2. Way to skip over how *I* joined the Spitz. You jerks.

  3. Oh don't take it so personally, dude. There's a lot of people we skipped over.

    Also, sometimes we get off topic. Surprise.

  4. by the way posted this on the other site...not sure how many you have.
    this is josh from the lobby.
    we consider you friends and would love to do more shows with you guys in any respect. we said we podcast..would love to have you guys sit and what not.

    thanks for the kind words about us being a good size group. And that improv shmimprov is the anti-lobby...

    btw...have listened to a few podcast...and I enjoy them. good stuff. me


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