Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ep 10 - IST - Welcome To Ice Station Thundergoat

What's up guys??

Erik here! I'm proud to bring you another episode of The Cherry Spitz Podcast, this time from Ice Station Thundergoat (my place) with some audio aid from the infinitely wise Player X. No more will you hear the blistering pops of Bs and Ps within our whimsical rants.

In this episode: James' recent name change, Tim's lust for women with personality, Lars' fascination with Entertaiment Weekly and my crappy A/C unit.

Enough with the boasting. Here's the goods: BAM!

School has just started for most of us, so now that we've got the PSA and cereal sketches out of the way, we're in a bit of a down shifting mode right now. But rest assured, we are plotting.

Enough about us. How are you?


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