Monday, August 31, 2009

Job Interview

Howdy Spitz fans.

It sure is rough out there nowadays, what with the economy all in flames and whatnot. Inflation, bailouts, unemployment, hordes of marauders waging war over gasoline. It's gotten so bad that we, Cherry Spitz, have all had to go out seek employment outside of the crazy lucrative world of semi-underground comedy troupes. And as it turns out the only place hiring right now is a company run by a guy that Tim thinks looks like Eric Bana. Time to put on our fanciest "goin out" clothes and get your imaginary resume ready. We need work.

How'd we do??? You tell us! Please to enjoy...

"Job Interview"
Featuring: Lars Hansen, Tim Gale, Blaire Byhower, Erik Wargo, James Stebick, Matt Linzmeier, and special guest appearance by Yoda.
Edited by: Tim Gale

If nothing else, I'd really like "Johnny Dickbag" to become the hot new insult of 2010.


[They ended up hiring Yoda.]

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