Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ep 25 - IST - The Prisoner's Dilemma


Erik, here. In the mix of all the usual holiday drama, I had forgotten about a big block of audio the Spitz boys had recorded at Thundergoat Studios. It's a fierce onslaught as Tony, James, Ify, Tim, Black Rob and myself breakdown a plethra of meaty topics for two whole hours. Do you think you can handle it? Bare witness to what lies ahead!

Black People and Milk

Yeah! That's right! Ify and B-Rob pull back the black curtain on this compelling social issue. We put on our lab coats and find out what happens when Ify drinks half the milk in my fridge.

Has Acting Down To A Science??

B-Rob, in all his infinite wisdom, believes that Dolph Lundgren is one of the greatest actors ever. Better than Anthony Hopkins! Tony tries to verbally slap some sense into him. But what of Dolph's REAL-LIFE scientific credentials? When will he be recognized for his contributions to the scientific community? Outside of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, that is.

Yeah, Tim Saw It

Come listen to Tim explain how the totally rad looking destruction of Earth is an analogy for the human condition and our constant fear of losing what's left of our innocence. Especially the parts where John Cusack escapes 500 waves and gaping fault lines.

There's a New Karate Kid Movie?!

But...but Jackie Chan does Kung Fu. Right? I'm not crazy for wondering why they call it The Karate Kid. I feel like it's as if there was a movie called The Pitcher and it was a movie about a soccer goalie. Can't they just call it the Kung Fu Kid? Bah. Whatever. We talk about it.

Between A Rock & Prison Gang Rape

Hanging out with B-Rob is like having a mirror into your soul. He reveals things about you that you probably never considered, or even should consider for that matter. Like, if you went to prison for four years, would you.... well, just listen and find out. It's like being an extra on Oz.

New Theme Park?

Ify's been brainstorming. Again, you'll have to listen. Mostly because I don't want to type it out.

Without further adieu, The Prisoner's Dilemma!

This Episode's Music Interludes By:

Chocolate Rain 8-Bit Remix by Coda
Alive & Amplified by The Mooney Suzuki
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie by Black Flag
Nunchaku Kata by Buckethead (feat. Les Claypool, Brain & Phonosycographdisk)
Roundabout by Yes

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