Monday, February 15, 2010

Ep 2.05 - IST - Power Bottom Rangers

In today’s episode, James, Tony, Erik, Tim and Black Rob congregate at Thundergoat Studios to discuss their upcoming cage match against Orpheus Roy, which leads to talks about angry bartenders, status updates on the original Power Rangers, sexual asthma and chicken-fish. Then finally, we reveal what’s REALLY going on in the much feared Blackstar Canyon. Oh yeah, and it was Valentine’s Day… or something.


Musical Buffers:
Feel Good Inc. by 8-Bit Gorillaz
I Still Believe by Tim Capello
Power Rangers Theme by Buckethead
I Touch Myself covered by Jack Off Jill
Astronomy by Blackstar
Nobody Loves The Hulk by The Traits

Episode 2.05: Power Bottom Rangers

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