Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ep. 3.12 - 2010 Holiday Leftovers: Part 2

So what did YOU have for Portuguese breakfast?

Ahoy hoy, loyal Spitz fans! Today we clean out our last bit of Holiday Leftovers in a podcast that's way more than just refried bits from other episodes. Join your buddies James, Kat, Erik, Black Rob, and The Dude Von Dude from the Harbinger podcast as they discuss the hard-hitting issues. This episode's topics include the beautiful and endangered pinball machine, the Street Fighter versus Mortal Kombat argument, the top movies of 2010, Steinbeck breastfeeding scenes, and names that sound like genitals. Plus regional sex acts and we all sing Journey's "Seperate Ways" off tempo.

Download: 2010 Holiday Leftovers Part 2

Audio goodness provided by various old videogames, Lovage, the cast of the Venture Bros, Portugal the Man, the Ramones (live), Beck, Black Flag, Journey, Daft Punk, and Kelly D.

"Nobody has a steamer like Cleveland." - Black Rob

Thanks again to all of you for supporting our weird little Ha-Ha show here. We hope you enjoy all of our podcasts. And stay tuned, amigos. We've got some awesome news coming real soon for all of you wonderful Spitz fans. Until then, y'all stay classy.


[Jeff Hardy's title belt IS gay.]

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