Monday, January 24, 2011

Ep. 4.01 - Downright Sicilian

We recorded some podcast material that was pure gold... and then we realized it wasn't recording...

And that's where our new episode begins! Hello, loyal fans, it's your handsome hero James here. Welcome to what we are evidently calling Season 4! Hooray!!! Our new podcast opens with Erik informing me that the awesome podcast we thought we had going had not recorded at all. Listen as I take that news poorly. That's right, it's an Erik and James episode!

But that's not all! On this week's show we also talk about other local podcasts we enjoy, the construction happening at Thundergoat Studios, giggling, and the true meaning of the words "CHERRY SPITZ" [Spoiler Alert: It's a lie]. Plus Black Rob shows up to pose another insightful question in a segment we're apparently calling "Rob & a Hard Place."

Download the new episode right over here: Downright Sicilian

Music breaks provided by HORSE the Band, Primus, Oingo Boingo and The Dead Kenny Gs. Plus we have a BRAND NEW THEME SONG by hip hop superstar and friend of the group Rocom.

Here are some of the podcasts we talked about in the new episodes. Go check em out, but be sure to come back here to us. We get so lonely without you. You know what we like... What were we talking about? Oh yeah, other podcasts. Here are our recommendations:

The Harbinger

The Carl and Josh Show


(One time I hit Erik with my invisible car) >>>>>

We have some live shows coming up! Come see us this Sunday January 30th at the Long Beach Play House as part of their Studio Nights. Show starts at 6pm. Also you can see us performing a brand new show at STAGES Theater on February 12th @ midnight. More details on that show coming soon.

Stay tuned, amigos. The Spitz have some rad stuff coming for you real soon. Until then, y'all stay classy.


[Embrace the pods.]

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