Monday, January 25, 2010

Ep 2.02 - IST - Shim Sham Magicians

`Sup homeskillet?

Cherry Spitz are back with another installment for your hungry, hungry ears. In today's episode, Shim Sham Magicians, Tony, James, Erik and B-Rob avoid the rain (that TONY caused!) and get down to the nitty gritty on topics such as merciless improvisational beatings, the late night tv landscape., disaster movies (including Faces of Death), freakishly skinny CGI actors, "The Cobain Conspiracy," Tony & James' love for Joss Whedon, goth poetry, washed-up professional wrestlers, the 2010 celebrity deadpool and that crappy Vincent Gallo movie that came out a couple of years ago! Just when things can't get any bleaker, a Mexican Standoff breaks out as B-Rob and Erik put guns to our collective head and force us to choose even more heinous fates.

To top it all off, Iffy calls in for a grizzled Q&A session with Erik.

Below is your prescribed optical intake of episodic propaganda. Drink plenty of water when you take these.

Is that game show music that I hear?


Download: Shim Sham Magicians

Music Bumpers
Take Me On by 8-Bit Ah-Ha
Money Folder by MF Doom
I Think I Love You covered by Less Than Jake
Debris by Three Horse Whiskey

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