Friday, January 8, 2010

Ep 26 - IST - Facist Leap

Hello again, all you beautiful people.

James here with another Spitz podcast fresh from the audio tubes at Thundergoat Studios. Lucky you!

This week's show is the last of our "Holiday Leftovers" podcasts and features Erik Wargo, Tony Najera, myself, and our own "Nubian Burt Reynolds" Ify Nwadiwe. What's the big topic? Time travel! Specifically, where in history you would want to go if given the opportunity? That and time-travelling Hitler (who's a total douche). Also we start talking about our lives before the Spitz, and have to use fancy sound effects to edit out a name we don't want to mention. Maybe it's you! Plus Ify calls me out for playing a show with The Lobby [hey guys!], and more with our sexy new robot announcer.

Get it here: Cherry Spitz IST Podcast: Fascist Leap

Music by 8-bit Guns and Roses, Reel Big Fish, The Who, and Handsome Boy Modeling School.

Erik keeps an empty keg in his fridge to taunt us. He also ate every last one of those doughnuts. >>>>>>>

Mark your calendars now, Spitz fans... BIG LIVE SHOW on Feb 18th!!! More details coming soon. This is something we need our fans for. Cage matches are serious business...


["Damn whitey"]

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  1. Actually having James play was just an elaborate ploy to get Ify to join The Lobby.


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