Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ep 2.01 - D-House - The Specialtists

In a grand meeting of nearly all the Spitz, Lars, James, Tim, Ify, Blaire, Tyler, Tony, and Erik assail your senses at the D-House in this maniacal podcast. Such topics include: sex robots, swastikas, life-saving enemas, and inferior puddings. We also discuss our show happening TONIGHT (that's right TONIGHT), so if you are in the Long Beach area this fine Sunday evening get on over to the Found Theatre and help us help Haiti.

Download right here-The Specialtists

And because we love you, here's some links to the crazy crap we were covering on the show:

Roxxxy the Sexbot

What the hell is a "Cool Dog"?

Semen-like pudding cups

Hope to see you at the show tonight! Stay tuned, dear Spitz fan and come bust with us in '10.

[spotted Richard]

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